Feb 17 2015

Beau Beautiful

He will be 2 years old on April 1, 2015. He is always dressed in style with his royal blue leather collar and Stars & Stripes name tag by Red Dingo Pet ID.

Favorite toys are anything he can whiplash around, play tug-a-war with, steal and run away with, chew a hole into, roll on top of or disembowel.

  1. Lime green Bumi Zogoflex by West Paw Design that he likes to whiplash around. It hits anything in its path including our legs. If he every lets go of it we will likely loose the TV!
  2. Dogwood Stick by Petstages. He is working on his third one since December.
  3. Neon green Kong squeaky stick, which he loves to rollover onto.
  4. Any stuffed toy. So far, he has disemboweled his snake, piglet, and snowflake.
  5. Slippers, socks, shirts, books, and large blankets; even better if he can tear a hole in them like he did to the back of Mommy’s knit shirt.
  6. Wood of any kind; particularly the deck support posts, deck railings, porch swing. He is working on tearing up the old cedar stump in the back yard. We hope he will develop a taste for all the fir cones that scattered around.
  7. Suet cakes for wild birds. He ate a whole one on Sunday.

Favorite snacks: salmon (Life Essentials Freeze-Dried), carrots, bananas, apples and any treat that Sadie gets.

Favorite sleeping place: on the couch next to Daddy, often with his head hanging off to the floor. He likes to stand with his back feet on floor and upper body in his Daddy or Mommy’s lap and to sit with his back end on couch and feet on floor. He is a 70-pound lap dog!

He still has to sleep in an exercise pen in either the bedroom or kitchen if his parents are not home.  His Foster Mom/Trainer strongly recommended this for a while longer or he might tear up the house.

Particular behaviors:

  1. He will not go outside without Sadie (our almost 14 year old golden retriever). He plants his feet on the ground until she arrives, waits until she is halfway out the door and then charges past her.
  2. Requests to get onto couch by resting his head on the cushion and waiting a ‘doggie minute’ before jumping up.
  3. He runs like a cheetah, like Speed Racer, as his legs are so long. He has run into our sliding door 2 x at full speed.
  4. Trickster. Likes to grab something and run away with it. As you approach, he is off again crawling under tables and desks or the fireplace seat to get away. Enjoys stealing things, such as food and paper, off the counter.
  5. Loves to wrestle his parents on the floor. If they get on the floor, it becomes a game to him. He sees it as his chance to ‘pin’ them down, gnaw on their arms, take their glasses or hairpins off, muzzle their faces….
  6. He goes crazy when Daddy leaves. He immediately looks out the window to find him, eventually lying at the front door or at the top of the stairs waiting, waiting, waiting….
  7. Loves bath time!
  8. Absolutely does not like orange peal of any kind. He whips away fast and runs as soon as it is peeled.

Future Goals: swimming and meeting new friends at the dog parks once the ground dries up a bit.

Beau came from Chew Dog Rescue, Port Orchard area (I think). I will clarify that tomorrow. We are his 3rd owners and got him Tuesday before Thanksgiving. He was born somewhere up near the Canadian Border and lived in Yakima, then Gig Harbor for 2 days, then the Rescue for 2-3 weeks. I have a picture of him at the rescue looking longingly at us through the fence. It was taken after meeting us and he clearly wanted to come home with us immediately. He had to wait 3 more days for final approval.

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