Apr 07 2015


I have been coming to Helping Hands for my whole three years of my life. 
I love all my friends there and am always happy to see Dr. Guidry. 
My favorite toy is ALL MY TOYS! I play with everything and love to tear them up! 
My favorite hobby is being a goof ball, modeling for my Mom, wearing my superhero costumes and hanging out in my fort (Spiderman Tent). 
My favorite food is my special home cooked doggie stew and meatloaf. I am a good boy and eat all my vegetables! 
Broccoli, carrots and asparagus are my favorites. 
I am currently enrolled in doggy school and have graduated all my classes so far with top honors. I was also the Validogtorian of my graduating class.My future goals are to get a master degree in being a good boy.

jhummitzsch | Pet Of The Month

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