Aug 19 2015


ALL ABOUT BELLA! Hello my name is Grace! I am 7 years old and I am going to tell you all about my dog BELLA! Bella is around 9 years old she is a Yorkshire terrier. Bella was adopted from a breeder who didn’t want her because she was so small. She is now 4 lbs.This was all before I came around.  When I was born Bella sure loved me. She would watch me all the time and sometimes steal my baby toys away from me.  She now loves sitting beside me and laying with me in bed.  Sometimes she likes joining me outside so she can chase the birds and squirrels away.  She is a busy girl but as she’s gets older she loves napping on the couch. Some of the things Bella loves are:

  •         Meeting other dogs all shapes and sizes!
  •         Coming to the VET! (Isn’t that funny)
  •         Laying by the fire in the winter and in the sunshine during the summer.
  •         She really likes when people rub her tummy.
  •         Her favorite people to visit with are men!
  •         Bella lost all her teeth, however she is happy because now she gets soft foods.
  •         Sometimes Bella misbehaves and wakes up my mom and dad for a midnight snack.

WE LOVE BELLA! Written by Grace aka Bella’s Sister

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