Dec 09 2015


Say Hello to Gucci Helping Hands Pet of the Month!

Gucci is a Shih Tzu he is 10 yrs old and has been part of the Helping Hands family since he was a pup!

Gucci’s favorite human is his mom, however he loves people in general and soaks up all the love he can get!

Gucci will sleep wherever he finds a cozy spot to curl up and relax. He loves to eat his wet food and any treats he’s given!

Gucci spends alot of time day boarding at Helping hands, due to senior medical issues.

Gucci is blind so he is carried alot and only allowed in safe environments, so falling and bumps are avoided. He also wears his diaper to prevent accidents.

Gucci is a part of the family at Helping hands and is loved by us dearly. He has alot of personality and lets everyone know he is here and loves the attention we give him!

jfreeman | Pet Of The Month

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