Jan 27 2016

February’s Pet’s of the Month Jules and Zoe!

Helping Hands would like to introduce February’s Pet’s of the Month Jules and Zoe!

Jules has been coming to helping hands since he was a pup and ever since Zoe was adopted, she now is a friend of ours too.

Jules and Zoe are both shelties they have been brother and sister for a while now, they’re both full of love and affection, especially with mom.  And children when there’s food involved!

Jules love to raid the garden to eat the tomatoes, brussel sprouts and lettuce. Zoe is usually following her toddle friend around waiting for a snack
When Jules isn’t in the garden you’ll find him snuggled up in his bed, however Zoe will be right on mom’s bed


Jules is agility trained he loves to show humans how smart he is. You can find both Zoe and Jules at Sheltie meet ups where they interact with other sheltie friends.

Jules is a senior now and is mostly deaf, he wears his vest to alert others.

When Zoe was adopted a few years ago she was a little on the heavy side, with the work of mom and Zoe she is now in a healthy weight range and full of energy!

Both Zoe and Jules are loved very much by all their friends at Helping Hands vet Clinic.

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