Mar 10 2016

March’s Pet of the Month Jackson!


Say hello to Jackson Helping Hands pet of the month!

Jackson is an 8 yr old male long haired main coon mix

He was adopted 6 years ago from a shelter, as soon as mom walked by he stuck his hand out and touched her, when this happened they knew they belonged together!

At home you can find Jackson bird watching out the window or hanging out on one of the cat posts.

He likes to sleep on the bed with mom snuggled next to her legs.

Jackson has 1 brother Jet and 3 sister’s Winter, Tornado and Razzley. He is most bonded with his brother Jet since they have grown up together, so they will snuggle during nap time.

Jackson is the talkative one and always has something to say, he loves to reach his paw out and touch mom as she walks by. This is Jackson’s love touch.


sdiilio | Pet Of The Month

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