May 05 2016


At Helping Hands we offer a variety of diagnostics and treatments for allergies. Allergies can be caused
by many different factors such as environment, food, and insects (fleas).
To identify what type of allergy is affecting your pet, first off, we need to do an exam and collect
information. Next, there are some tests that can be done. For instance, for environmental allergies, we
can do a few different kinds of tests, such as blood tests and intradermal skin tests. For food allergy, we
can do food trials as well as a blood test. Blood testing for food allergies are not always that reliable but
they can help to point us in the right direction. Food trials need to be done for a minimum of 12 weeks
with very limited ingredients in the food and the treats. For flea allergies, the test and treatment is
typically to put them on flea prevention.

allergy month pic
Most pets with allergies are very itchy. This is different from human allergies because we typically have
runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing. Pet can have these symptoms too but mostly they are itchy.
They can also break out with secondary skin infections such as yeast infections and bacterial infections.
These infections need to be treated because they can cause more problems and more itching! Allergies
can also lead to ear infections and anal gland problems. Overall, it is easy to diagnose your pet with
allergies but it can be a very frustrating and chronic disease to treat.
By Cherie Guidry, DVM

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