Jun 30 2016

July’s Pets of the Month Ernie, Lizzy & Ginger

Helping Hands Pets of the month!

Ernie was the Paddock’s first Chihuahua he is currently 11 yrs old. He was an only dog for quite a while when Ernie was young he spent time playing with soft toys, Now in his senior years he loves to sunbathe on a towel at the park. Ernie is the little their little soldier of the family and doesn’t like to be bothered much, he’s set in his routine but loves his family! Ernie will still snuggle with mom but doesn’t like to be pet while he’s sleeping. He is very particular about what kind of treats he’ll eat, but gets excited about his morning, peanut butter treat.

20160616_105545                      Resized_20160628_161813

Ernie as a puppy                                                  Current pic of Ernie

A year and half later Lizzy was adopted from a nurse who was helping care of the Paddocks grandma while she was ill. Lizzy is also right around 11 yrs old. After a few months of visiting with grandma, Lizzy finally came home. She is a spunky girl who loves chasing squirrels, going on walks, especially Marymoor Park where she can roam off leash.  Lizzy loves all kinds of foods, except apples. She also loves to chew on the CET dental chews.

0914081940                          Resized_20151128_114825_2 (2)

Lizzy as a puppy                                                      Current pic of Lizzy

Ginger is 4 years old she is a 4.8lb Chihuahua as well. Her nicknames are Snappies and Snippity Snaps and she knows all her nicknames! She also loves food some of her favorites are Chicken, apples, broccoli and cottage cheese. She also love the CET chews to keep her teeth healthy. You can find Ginger bringing all the soft toys out in the backyard to play with them.  Snappies loves her sister Lizzy and always wants to play with her or sleep close by her. She will also let mom put a cute outfit on her when she gets to go into town! Ginger is the little Angel of the family.

FB_IMG_1467156156980                                   Resized_20151126_124946

Ginger as a puppy                                    Current pic of Ginger

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