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    September 2013

    Sep 01 2013

    Rabies Awareness Fact Sheet World Rabies Day is September 28! In honor of this day of disease awareness, we have put together this fact sheet: What is Rabies? Rabies is…

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    May 2013

    May 01 2013

    Who Chooses Whom? As I look back on the dogs in my life, I realize most of them picked me rather than I chose them. Murphy was one of 11…

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    April 2013

    Apr 01 2013

    In the month of April, Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic monthly promo is 10% off Revolution, Trifexis, and or Frontline. What is Revolution? Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical…

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    March 2013

    Mar 01 2013

    Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions – FORL “Umm… What?” Those were my exact words when I first read of this condition during my technician studies. Though this may be the first…

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    February 2013

    Feb 01 2013

    When taking care of your cat or dog, what comes to mind when thinking of your pet’s overall wellness? More often then not, the answers we receive are maintaining a…

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    January 2013

    Jan 01 2013

    1) Weight Loss: Over 50% of American pets are either overweight or obese. That’s 93 million dogs & cats! This is the single most important thing the owner of an…